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Illustration • Record Album

1960s-70s  •  The popularity of the mass market paperback began to wane in the early '60s, crowded out by hardcover books, trade and celebrity paperbacks, TV, photography and the recorded music industry. Vinyl records became a major part of the cultural landscape. When the best-selling, 45 rpm plain-jacketed 7" single lwas surpassed by the 12” LP record, the larger album cover required art. Although the convention of depicting musicians with their instruments meant less freedom with concept, Vic continued to experiment with techniques and styles. A life-long music lover, he was in his element, traveling to concerts and festivals with a press pass and a camera, capturing images that would later appear as illlustrations by themselves, or be used as the basis for album covers, liner notes, concert programs, and fine art.

© 2015 by Rebecca Kalin

Vic created over 100 album front covers as well as back covers and liners, e.g., the inside liner pen & ink drawing of John Coltrane for A Love Supreme. Among his clients were: RCA Victor, Decca Jazz, Impulse, Flying Dutchman, Brunswick, Celestial Harmonies and Philco.

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