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Painting • Colorscapes

Victor's abstract paintings range in size from small (5 x 10 inches) to large (4 x 8 ft). In each painting, there is an interplay of color and surface texture created with brush strokes and swirls, built-up encrusted paint, torn tissue and strips of corrogated cardboard.


Artist's statement:  "I know how the painting for a commecial illustration is supposed to appear before I start it - sketches, color comps, and a detailed drawing have all preceded the painting and the results are fairly well established. However, when I start a painting or "colorscape" I haven't the foggiest idea how the final result will turn out. Using bare canvas (or plywood, illustration board, or masonite) I literally build a picture, working with color, shape, and texture until something pleases me. This is only a beginning for this process of balancing areas against one another until the entire canvas satisfies me."

Large Paintings

Small Paintings

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